Guangzhou Jinbang Sports Facilities

Jinbang Sports not only a branded manufacturer of sports field products but also a leader in sports fields construction and well admired throughout China. Our construction team consists of 16 professional operators, all the staff are well trained with the necessary qualification of the industry and many of them have over ten years experience in the fields construction.

On the other hand, good projects result from good plan, necessary equipments and thorough execution. Our engineer will get in touch with the customers and involved into the projects starting from field design stage to make sure both parties are on the same page till the projects completed. To know the situation of the weather, site temperature and the status of the base construction and any steps of the whole process is very critical to make sure a high quality sport surface. During the course, our engineer will provide necessary guidance and constructive suggestions to make sure we're always on the right track.

In many occasions the right equipments are crucial to the quality of the track and field surface. To secure this, we equipped our team with many of the necessary and advanced construction equipments which is to ensure the work done by our team not only correct and perfect but also efficient and cost effectiveness.
On the other hand, most of the materials are in-house made by our company and part of them is supplied with our long term partners of the industry. This guaranteed the source of materials are stable in quality and cost advantage. Most importantly our installation engineers are well familiar our products and the usage and ratio as well as environment requirement etc. They like goods friends, they know each other, the materials, the percentage, the base requirements and the construction temperature and environment and even the installation process and time needed. This is the unbeatable advantage and assurance that all the factors together that produced the high quality sports field surface.

Guangzhou Jinbang Sports Facilities

Furthermore ,our superior customer service & communication ensuring you get any questions or concerns answered promptly. We not only give 2 years quality guarantee period but will train our customers on surface maintenance. To make you enjoy the sports and love the field with its longevity.

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